Car Wash Services

AutoJet has been unbeatable in our track record since its inception two years back of providing unmatched quality of car wash services to our clients in central Kerala.

We provide it all, car wash polishing, interior shampoo wash, AC vent cleaning and refreshing, disinfection of the interiors etc. Be it the interior or exterior of your car, we guarantee you ??that we will deliver the best in quality & customer satisfaction.

Car care services we provide.

Car Polishing

The benefits of polishing far exceed those of just waxing. While one works best with the other, polishes remain the work horse in the overall maintenance of the paintwork by removing aged paint, restoring depth and gloss and reducing or removing the appearance of surface defects such as surface scratches and the dreaded swirl mark. It also creates the ideal surface for a coat of wax.

Always clean bird droppings and sap as soon as possible to reduce the chance of paint staining

Interior shampoo wash

This process consists of a shampoo and a complete cleaning of all internal surfaces such as carpet floor mats, seat fabric or leather, interior doors, console and air outlets.??

Allow a minimum half a day so that the vehicle is dried well.

Car disinfection

  • Disinfects the AC System of your vehicle.
  • Disinfects the interior of your vehicle.
  • Removes odour.
  • Optimizes the cooling capacity of your AC compressor.

Glass cleaning

Clean glass not only looks better, it helps you drive better. We???ll tell you how to clean glass, even finicky automotive glass, with clear results. Clean, clear glass looks beautiful next to clean, waxed paint, and it improves your visibility while driving.

Just a few extra minutes detailing your windows will add a sparkling touch to your vehicle???s finish and just might save your life!

Seat upholstery works

All of our upholsterers and trimmers are fully qualified in every aspect of marine and automotive upholstery.Our professional and friendly team are dedicated to providing flawless upholstery on all cars.

We pay close attention to detail throughout our work to ensure your vehicles receive the most stunning finishes.